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The Visit...

I’d seen some pictures on @georgianlondon ‘s Instagram stories of what looked like a fantastic combination of fashion, photography and crumbling architectural beauty at the launch of Burberry’s new season at Old Sessions House in London with an exhibition called ‘Here We Are’...so I went...and it was basically a #wabisabi dream!

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  • ygershel

    What a day it must have been💖💖💖

  • blowyinthewind

    What a dream

  • copperline

    This is stunning!!! 😲🙌🏻 W-O-W!

  • britainwithlove

    Amazing venue and blown away by your amazing photos

  • Ariel_Christie

    What a creative idea for display! 3 of my favorite things in one function! I'm going to save this and keep looking at it over and over! Thank you for sharing!

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