Autumnal walks

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I took a walk today through the damp woods near my house. I was on the hunt for textures and colours. I got a little lost in nature!

It rained but that made it even more atmospheric. 👂

Piles of logs that have aged beautifully. A haven for wildlife!

Such a spiky exterior, with such a yummy interior!

Look at those frilly skirts!

I'm part wood nymph, I require mountains and warm, damp patches of moss to thrive

Vera Farminga

Look at the structure of this fungi!

Watch the clouds of spores burst out!

This is basically a fairy swimming pool right?

I could have listened to this all day!

So there you are! My adventure in the woods! It didn't go as planned but I discovered so much and lost myself in nature. The perfect lunchtime break away from the laptop