The whole world loves Totti...

"You are incredible, Capitano!” Lionel Messi

“Francesco Totti is an example for all and someone we all look up to.” Cristiano Ronaldo

‘At his best, Totti was the world’s No.1.” Maradona

“Totti was the best player in the world in his prime.” Pele

"Totti is the symbol of Roma, just like Ryan Giggs was at Manchester United.” Alex Ferguson

“Totti is the best player with whom I have ever worked.” Claudio Ranieri

"Francesco remains the undisputed symbol of Roma." Carlo Ancelotti

“Totti is not only the King of Rome but of the world.” Luis Enrique

“Totti has written the history of Italian football.” Gianluigi Buffon

“When you talk about Roma, you think Totti, and when you talk about Totti, you think Roma.” Thierry Henry

“I would have been honoured to play alongside Totti.” Raul

‘Totti is the king of Rome. I would have loved to have played with him.” Steven Gerrard

"If you ask me, Totti has been the best player in Italian football for the past 20 years.” Daniele De Rossi

“We owe him a big thanks for what he's achieved, because it's top level footballers who make the game beautiful. After 20 unforgettable years, he will remain a part of Roma's history." Massimiliano Allegri

"What's been achieved remains forever. We're very different from each other but we took similar paths: that's why we're so close and why we've had such a special relaionship for so long." Alessandro Del Piero

“When it comes to players like him, you can see how great they are by the amount of passion and talent they show on the pitch. He's one of those players who can produce a moment of magic at any time. It was a huge honour for me to play against him.” Javier Zanetti

“I can't find the right words, but it was an honour to play with you. You are Roma. You are immense, Captain.” Kevin Strootman

“Since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of being like you. Like all of the children who start to kick a ball for the first time. When I scored my first goal in Serie A, you gave me taps on the head, to say ‘Now stop dreaming, this is your reality’. You’re one of us.” Alessandro Florenzi

“Thank you for everything! You will always be in my heart! Friends for life!” Kostas Manolas

“Wonderful person, absolute was an honour to play with you! Great Captain!” Alisson

“There's only one Captain. Totti eternal!” Monchi

“Never stop being number 10!” Roberto Mancini

“Thank you for giving me and millions of football fans enjoyment from your fantastic plays.” Paolo Maldini

“No one can ever repeat what you did. You will always be part of Rome - of its history and its great beauty.” Juan Jesus

“You'll always be Totti.” Paulo Dybala

“What a player. What a career.” Dietmar Hamann

“A story I will be telling my grandchildren... It was truly an honour to play alongside you.” Mohamed Salah

“Legend” Tim Cahill

“I have no words to describe what it was for me to train and play with you for a year and a half. But to my son, I will not tell him what kind of player you were, because he will understand that quickly. I will talk about you as a person, as a companion, as a man.” Diego Perotti

“Legend.” Lothar Matthaus

“You will always be an example for us and you will always be our Captain...Totti.” Bruno Peres

“What a fantastic player with a fantastic career!!! Bravo” Peter Cech

“Legend. An honour having coincided with you. Always Totti.” Iker Casillas

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  • rizalbojesz

    Forza grande capitano, daje roma. Roma Club Indonesia siamo noi

  • francescko81x

    Francesco Totti was and IS the Best player on the World.