| NSW 2017 |


I have been doing a LOT of work in New South Wales this past month with Northern Rivers being my third campaign in as many weeks. I was fortunate to have the chance to visit the flood affected areas to check out the recovery efforts and to just explore this amazing region so close to my own backyard. ❤️❤️❤️

The very first activity we did was literally swimming with turtles with Watersports Guru. Like we literally drove down to Fingal and swam with turtles on the 1st morning. So good!


Another highlight for me was visiting the Basalt Causeway at Fingal Head, one of only a few sites like it in the world! The area was formed by volcanic activity from the mountain now known as Mount Wollumbin, or Mount Warning. At least, that's all that remains of the ancient volcano now. 🌋🌋🌋

And did I mention great food? 👇🏻 http://osteriacasuarina.com.au https://m.facebook.com/flockespressoandeats/

After our first couple of nights on the coast it was time to head into the valley and I have so much to share! Let's do photos first then I'll link you in to some operators I loved! 📸❤️😍

Crams Farm Reserve > Best views over Mount Warning

Mount Warning Tours! 😍 http://mountwarningtours.com.au

EcOasis Resort https://www.ecoasis.com.au

Do yourselves a favor and come explore and support this amazing part of the world!

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