Francesco Totti in his own words...

“I was born Roman and I’ll die Roman. I’ll never leave this team or my city.”

“I have worn this shirt for 25 years, and it’s been my only one. I also wear the captain’s armband. What more could I want from life?”

“I have always wanted to be one of the few who wear only one shirt, a fan and a player of the same team.”

“It is a love for both Roma and for football. I have married both of those things.”

“I would like to think that in the youth teams there is someone who can do what I have done and stay here for as long as possible.”

“I might have had the chance to win much more with other teams but I am proud of what I have done with this jersey.”

“Show respect to everyone. My mother and father told me that and it’s helped me immensely.”

“It’s not for me to decide how I’ll be remembered. respect would be enough for me. That’s the most important thing in the career of a footballer.”

“For 25 years, Rome has been my home. Whether winning the Scudetto or playing in the Champions League, I hope I’ve raised the Roma colours as high as I can.”

“I hope that I’ve made you proud.”

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  • rizalbojesz

    Dieci Francesco, della capitano, Francesco Totti er pupone.... Roma Club Indonesia siamo noi, Forza Roma

  • francescko81x

    there is only one Captain, his name is Francesco and his last name is Totti the Captain, the 10th forever.


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