3 October - 4 November OPENING: Friday 6 October, 6-8pm

In 1964, the David Lusk Gallery Memphis building (at 97 Tillman) was built to house the Oates Gallery, and there in 1980 Oates Gallery first exhibited many if these Sturm drawings. For that show, Sturm, a long-time teacher at the Memphis College of Art, returned to the human figure after years creating enamel compositions. These story drawings and building at 97 Tillman both come full circle in this exhibition.

A modern artist not afraid to experiment wildly, the paintings on paper in this show embody Sturm herself: there is an emphasis on pattern, and every element is symbolic.

After wadding up charcoal paper to crinkle and age it, Sturm used ink and jewel-toned watercolor and her uncanny sense of design to bring forward gothic stories and memories of another place.

Sturm played a pivotal role in the development and advancement of contemporary art and ideas in Memphis for more than 50 years. She returned home to Memphis in the mid-1930's following her time in New York at the Grand Central School of Art, the Art Students League and Columbia University.

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  • havwoods

    The vase or statue on page 12 is magnifique in shape and colors. It reminds me to my mothers favourite necklace she got/bought in 1965 at the time of Brigit Bardot and opening of Charles de Gaule airport. She has been wearing that necklace more than any other. For sure, she still has it somewhere.


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