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SVAS Alumni 2016

Koa-SVAS Alumni 2016

Sochi Blue

Sochi Blue was named in honor of the Olympics of 2014. Her, and her three sisters, all shared names that paid homage to the event. She had the most STUNNING eyes (as you can see by the above photo) & it is not often that I see such a contrast of color in cat's eyes. She was happily adopted in 2016.

"No Heaven will ever Heaven be, if my cats cannot be there with me." -Unknown


SVAS Alumni--Thea


SVAS Alumni

Yoko Ono 💚 She had 5 kittens with her when she was dumped in our courtyard in a box. Of course we decided to name them after the Beatles; Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Ringo, & Epstein.



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  • snowqueen1650

    So great! I as well am a volunteer at a shelter and they are the best antidepressant! 😽


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