Food Photography in Florence

Chef Filippo Saporito (Michelin starred) and Paolo Matteoni photographer

Click4Food is a project created by Paolo Matteoni (photographer) and Chiara Brandi (foodblogger and food communication specialist) with a focus on food photography in Florence area.

Sept. 22nd 2017 Workshop on Photo Reportage Live @ Leggenda dei Frati in Florence (1 Michelin star restaurant)

How to find an original point of view for any subject

New Coach Kitchen studio @ La Leggenda dei Frati

Pane & Pomodoro Original interpretation by Filippo Saporito chef

Shooting art food


Incredible prown tartare with creamy potatoe sauce

Cinta Pig with peach and Guinness puree

Soppressa and risotto

Crispy almond cantuccini to conclude the workshop ...

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