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Spontaneous Decisions

To take advantage of a 10 day stopover in Europe, I teamed up with @eddiebauer for an epic #liveyouradventure hiking and photography project in the Alps. The original plan was to hike the Tour de Mont Blanc, crossing through France, Italy and Switzerland along the way. We didn't come close to finishing it. But we did make some spontaneous decisions.

Foul weather was the culprit, forcing us to decide if we'd hike all week in rain or chase sunny weather elsewhere.

We opted to hit the road, bailing on the Tour de Mont Blanc and making new plans as we went.

Chapter 1: Zermatt, Switzerland Checking out the Matterhorn Day 1: Zermatt - Schรถnbiel Hut Day 2: Schรถnbiel Hut to Gandegg Hut Day 3: Gandegg Hut to Zermatt

Although just the 6th highest peak in the Alps, the Matterhorn might be the most recognizable. It's Toblerone mountain. The first ascent, in 1865, changed mountain culture in Switzerland. Within years, poor rural areas transformed into tourism destinations as more people came to see the iconic mountain.

Chapter 2: Gran Paradiso, Italy Walking in the shadow of Italy's highest summit. Refugio Vittoria Emanuel II

Gran Paradiso National Park was originally formed to protect the Alpine ibex. It was the first national park in Italy. The mountain, Gran Paradiso, is the highest peak that falls entirely inside Italy. Mont Blanc, which straddles the border between France and Italy is technically the country's tallest.

Chapter 3: Chamonix/Mont Blanc Returning to Mont Blanc Hiking both the Argentiere Glacier and Lac Blanc

With a two day weather window, we decided to return to Mt Blanc. We wanted to fit in it, so we started with a morning hike to the Argentiere Glacier before crossing the valley to overnight at Lac Blanc. It was spectacular.

We didn't complete the Tour de Mont Blanc. But we hiked nearly 20 km everyday, in three different countries. And we couldn't have planned a better adventure. Sometimes, being spontaneous is the only way to go.

Thanks to @eddiebauer for helping me live an adventurous lifestyle. Please check out #liveyouradventure for inspiring stories of adventure.

See you outside!

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