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ConsciouslyCreative with @5ftinf ~Texture~

This week we are looking at texture and the use of filters in enhancing features. I really enjoy taking images outside, exploring different textures in nature.

I loved the image of this puddle. I can see an animal like a rabbit, with a snout and big ears.

The use of a VSCO filter and a small amount of sharpening made the animal really stand out. I loved the slightly blueish tinge to the water too.


After - VSCO filter plus clarity and sharpening

clarity and sharpening applied


Before editing

And after...




I loved this mouldy aubergine. I thought it looked like a little hedgehog!

I've sharpened this a little too much for my liking. It's still quite a cute image though.

Just a little bit sharper

I edited this image, sharpened it a little and fiddled with filters - but I much preferred it without any editing!

Gave the apples a little more colour

I really liked the second image despite bleaching it to within an inch of its life!!

Tried to lighten this image up a little - but it still looks the same!

I still really struggle with the composition of my flatlays. I took lots of images on different backgrounds over the course of this week but I always prefer my images taken when I'm out and about on my walks. More practice required!


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  • joyfulputtering

    Nice variety of textures!

  • ygershel

    Thanks for giving us great tips!!💖💖💖

  • gardensanctuary

    Thank you for your lovely comments xx

  • maggiephoto

    VSCO has a great editing system, I enjoyed your flat lay it's a fun concept to work on. I've been experimenting with the flat lays too

  • gardensanctuary

    Thank you for your kind comments about my flatlays Maggie. I'm amazed at how easy some people make it look! I thought I'd drop a few things on the table and 'Ta Daaaa!' .....but sadly not. I'm off to check out your stories now. I've just found steller and I love the concept of stories so I'm in heaven already xx