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“Geometric patterns can be bold and playful creating a fun update to a room that’s neither masculine or feminine,” reflects Jenny Wingfield, Creative Director of Flock. “But they can also be very restful; elegantly simple geometric forms and repeating lines have a rhythm that it is satisfying and soothing to the eye.”

London-based design company Flock works with artists, designers and recent graduates to create a bold and beautiful collection of textiles for interiors. This month, Flock has launched its debut wallpaper collection with three new designs for AW17: Flint, Atlas and Linear. I caught up with Jenny to chat about the ideas behind Flock and the company’s evolution into wallcoverings.

Why did you launch Flock in 2013?

“Flock was born out of the frustration for young designers not getting the exposure they deserved. They could be working for a large company and designing best selling prints but not getting their name against their work and therefore the exposure to become recognized. It’s so hard once you leave an arts degree to begin your own collection; to get your work in to the hands of the right people and the mainstream market. I wanted to create a pathway to spotlight emerging designers and provide some much needed exposure.”

“As well as this, Flock aimed to create an eclectic, bright and beautiful textile collection with a focus on colour and geometric pattern to work for a multitude of interiors. Our designers are very involved with the business; they get their name on the work and receive a royalty for every sale. It’s such a nice way to work as the designers come with us as the business grows.”

How do you select the designers to work with?

“This is a really fun but tough process as I am constantly inspired by graduates and emerging designers. I visit a lot of universities and degree shows as well as more recently discovering new designers through Instagram, which has become an invaluable tool for discovering amazing talent. I start by gathering ideas and designs from different designers – this could be a sketch or a collage or simply an amazing colour. It’s a very collaborative process and slowly designs emerge that slot in effortlessly to the Flock collection.“

“As the collection is constantly growing and evolving it’s important that it looks cohesive even though it’s built up of our collective of different designers.”

Why did you introduce wallpaper to your collections?

“When Flock first started I wasn’t that excited about wallpaper as fabric was really my thing, but recently I have been so inspired by the bold and playful patterns that are being introduced thanks to the possibilities of digital printing and I have become really interested in it. So after many, many requests from clients and stockists we have found our wallpaper feet and I am very excited about where we can go with it!”

How did you go about selecting these three designs?

“I have a bit of a dream library of designs and designers that I have found over the years and hope to work with so when I made the decision to move into wallpaper I had a little delve through and pulled out designs that I thought would stand proud as a flat wallpaper.”

“With Flint it was easy as this is one of our best selling fabrics and I knew the movement in the pattern would make it a really dynamic wallpaper. It also has a lot of texture as it’s built up of charcoal and pencil markings which means it doesn’t feel flat but full of life.”

“I first selected Linear when I met Andrew Scott at New Designers. His beautiful and simplistic pattern was displayed as a gorgeous wall hanging on Andrew’s stand and straight away I could see it printed as a clean and elegant wallpaper that would be restful and calming.”

“Atlas is such a fun pattern that stands out to me because of all the beautiful texture within each triangle – every time you look at it you see a different layer. For the wallpaper we decided to create a moody palette full of depth and intensity – almost a monochrome in our book!”

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