the big dog

Down in the Busskill Valley Lived a dog named Zo, always the biggest pooch wherever he would go.

More massive than grown men, even faraway he looked tall, “Not a dog around,” thought Zo, “Could ever make ME feel small!"

Such unshakeable confidence fueled Zo’s world view: it made even cool days feel warm, and gray skies appear crystal blue.

And so, Zo felt great as he strolled a new street, one morning when he looked up and saw two large feet,

And above them: huge legs, giant ears, a big kisser. Eyes climbing, Zo thought, "What have we got here, Mister?"

“That can’t be a dog, there's no way, but it is. Up there … on that roof ….

... that whole building is his!"

“Do my peepers deceive me? Is he bigger than I? Oh, who am I kidding ...

He blocks out the sky!

He blocks out the sky!

“Could he be part Bull? Smooth Fox? Jack Russell? Would even Godzilla with this fella tussle?”

Politely, Zo nodded and yipped a hello. But the roof dog’s response was too slight to show. Or too little, at least, to detect from the street,

At the level of Zo's suddenly rapid feet.

“Good day, sir,” Zo barked, without looking back, “It appears on this street you've got things well intact.

“Should you stop what you’re doing? Because of me?!? No! You just hang out up there, I’ll go keep being Zo.”

Then off Zo trotted, nervously smiling while in his brain, this address, he was filing.

“No need to revisit. That spot is all good. I’m sure I’m needed more in another neighborhood.”

Since that cool, gray morning THAT street downtown is one somehow Zo's paws have not re-found,

And to this day old Zo still gets thrown in a fog thinking back to first meeting that other big dog.

Words & Pictures by @TweedTypewriter For more visit:

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