Embodied Portraits

A Prayer to Place

Your body is part of the greater ecology of Place. Not separate, you are part of Wholeness itself.

When we are in deep communion with ourselves, present in our bodies and our environment, we know who we are. We breathe, and we fill our own skin. When we come into deeply felt prayer of Place, in movement, in yoga, in simple repose, our Spirit knows itself. And we are Home.

Imagine capturing that moment in a potent image of embodiment. One you could have on your wall, or your altar. A touchstone, a reminder of your magnificence and your beauty. Imagine how that would hold you.

Here at Fig and Agave, we are offering Portrait Sessions to image your body and spirit in the landscape.

You will be guided in sensing and listening to yourself and the surroundings. Whilst each location is different, you will be invited to connect with, as felt experience, the particular landscape and its elements, finding that voice within your own body; water, sand, rock, tree, among others. Inhabiting that echo in your own tissues and Being.

The location can be a place that is special to you, or, we can offer suggestions. Together, we will listen, and hear your vision for yourself, in creating images that speak to your body-land connection with deep resonance.

We offer these Portraits in loving service. They can be of your Yoga Practice, your Dance Practice, or simply a way of witnessing your communion with the Land.

We offer these Portraits globally. Just ask; we're listening.

Images by Glen McKerrihan, Fine Art Photographer

Movement and embodiment facilitation by Narelle Carter-Quinlan; Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Artistic Director & Choreographer.

Find us at www.embodiedterrain.com www.figandagave.com

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