What I found on my walk

Consciously creative week 1

This was my first walk without my phone and it's such a great exercise. I looked up and saw people, even smiled at some and some smiled back! I'm also looking forward to go back and take some photos of what I saw with my new pair of eyes. Loved it.

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  • joyfulputtering

    Love your story!

  • thea22

    Thank you

  • Fiora27

    cool things

  • welliesandlove

    I love the white background, it really brings out the pop of colour in the items you've found. ❤️

  • 5ftinf

    Such a great story! And an amazing, colourful hoard!!

  • trr

    You are a beautiful person articulate and unique in arrangements where do you walk paths of 🌹 and thank you 😊😎

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