Yoshino River - Japan

Our family had whitewater rafting experiences in some countries: Indonesia, New Zealand and the newest was in Yoshino River, Japan with HAPPYRAFT (June 2017). And here is the story about how cool HAPPYRAFT served & guided us in Yoshino River πŸ˜‰


Sunu was driven by Mark Treston, an expert guide of Happyraft.

Mark Treston is an Australian who already lived 15 years in Japan & he is super cool 😎


Gosh! In the 3rd trial of this rodeo, the raft flipped 😰


Nice trial of packable inflatable kayak. Ha ha Sunu got his new toy 😁.

Oke that's a story about Sunu, my husband; who was really really really really enjoy rafting with HAPPYRAFT. How about me?


While Sunu & Ava were happy, I was afraid. Look at my face 😰

Then finally I was thrown to the back 😭😭 While Ava was still sitting nicely on the raft. How can? 😑

Hu hu I almost cry. Then Sunu cheers me up to stay calm & say "cheese" to the camera 😁.

Honestly I was still afraid but I tried to "pump" my confidence.

Warming up before we face the real challenge of this river.


Not bad, right? Ha ha ha I can beat the rapids now 😎😚

Yeah, finally we took pose like the Indonesia Rafting Team 😎 Yoshino River is nice. HAPPYRAFT is a great operator. So can you imagine what we felt?


Even I was afraid, happiness was the ending of our rafting with HAPPYRAFT πŸ˜‰


Thank you HAPPYRAFT for this cool rafting experience! We want more πŸ˜… Sayonara HAPPYRAFT...!

Photos were bought from HAPPYRAFT. #stellerid #action #outdoors #outdoor #rafting #watersports #sport #japan #yoshinoriver #happyraft #stellerverse #whitewaterrafting #arungjeram #adventure #jepang

To: Mark, Sobu, Tomo, Yuri etc, you are rocks..! Love you guys 😘

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