I am the Ironman

Jonathan Kang

What is this event and what does it consist? It is an ironman triathlon event that consist of 3.8km lake swim, 180km hilly ride and 42.195km run. It is the 1st time Korea is hosting a full ironman race which saw over 1600 triathletes participating in it. What makes you want to take part in this event? It was a goal I have set out 2 years ago after watching videos of ironman races on YouTube. With zero cycling and swimming background, I bought a second hand bike and my triathlon journey started from there.

How long have you been training for? I started out in June 2015 after purchasing a 2nd hand road bike, and with poor swimming skills and zero open water experience, I signed up for an OD Trifactor triathlon 3 months later which I nearly drown due to the inexperience of swimming in the open sea but managed to calm my nerves and completed the race. I continue forth with my training and had to learn things the hard way due to my lack of knowledge in the sport and resulting in poor health condition during my several triathlon races. I finally arrived at my ironman goal and achieved a timing of 11hrs 35mins after 2 years 3 months of training.

How long have you been with Ucycling? Immediately after procuring my road bike in June 2015, I started looking out for groups that I can join and train via internet. That was where I came to know about Ucycling and decided to give the group a try. Initially, the group consisted of less than 12 cyclists due to being new, but each of the leaders were friendly and approachable which was what I was looking for. Today, we have more than 40 active cyclist during our Sunday ride and the group continues to grow. Ucycling is like a family to me now, as a lot of us have form a bond of trust and brotherhood, and I look forward to having more exciting journeys ahead. Ucycling team rocks!

Well done to Jonathan Kang aka Captain of Ucycling team. You will always be our role model. Hope you win more ironman medal...... #iamanironman

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