North Norfolk

From Weybourne to Blakeney

The beaches, harbours, mud flats, & marshes of Weybourne & Blakeney have been our second home now for many years. We love it here. I love the light, the fresh air, the big skies and beautiful open beaches. I sleep so soundly when we stay in our little home from home here. It's always time for family, away from work & wifi! Total switch off time to re group, recharge and relax. Here are some photos of the area, it's beaches, colours & textures. To see other places in North Norfolk view my other stories. Thanks and hope you enjoy x

The cliff walk from Weybourne to Sheringham has miles of uninterrupted sea views.

The crab & lobster boats at Weybourne where you can buy straight off the boat if you happen to be lucky enough to be there when they bring the boat ashore.

Flakey boat paint

The whole North Norfolk coast is fantastic for sunsets, providing the weather behaves!

Family silhouette

There's nothing quite like playing in the mud at Blakeney as a kid. Sliding down the banks & splashing in the creeks.

Blakeney Harbour. The perfect spot to go crabbing or mud sliding.

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