A Month in Polaroid

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A Month In Polaroid The August Break A Month of Mindful Photography By Nordljus [Prompts provided by Susannah Conway]

1 - Morning [Polaroid SLR 680]

2 - Gold [Polaroid SLR 680]

3 - Roses [Polaroid SLR 680]

4 - Where I Live [Polaroid SLR 680]

Where I Live In a valley with a river, not far from the city, surrounded by hills, woods and forest. Not necessarily where I want to live for the rest of my life, but it will do for now.

5 - Bicycle [Polaroid SLR 680]

6 - Favourite Novel [Polaroid SLR 680]

Favourite Novel Impossible to name just one. Reading is like breathing, a necessity without which life just wouldn't work.

7 - Glass [Polaroid SX-70]

8 - My Eyes [Polaroid SLR 680]

9 - Postcards [Polaroid SX-70]

10 - Lavender [Polaroid SX-70]

11 - One Wish [Polaroid SX-70]

One Wish I hope that one day I can spend more time at home in my studio and less in the office at work....

12 - Love Note [Polaroid SLR 680]

13 - I Crave [Polaroid SLR 680]

14 - Vintage [Polaroid SLR 680]

15 - Dragon [Polaroid SLR 680]

Dragon Souvenirs from when I lived in Nanjing, China, almost 20 years ago

16 - Favourite Colour [Polaroid SX-70]

17 - Daisies [Polaroid SX-70]

18 - One Regret [Polaroid SLR 680]

One Regret that I didn't have the courage to apply for art school 20 years ago

19 - Metal [Polaroid SLR 680]

20 - I Love [Polaroid SLR 680]

I Love To draw and paint. And I don't do it enough. I'm working on that.

21 - Monochrome [Polaroid SX-70]

22 - Sour [Polaroid SLR 680]

23 - A Sign [Polaroid SX-70]

24 - Silver [Polaroid SX-70]

25 - Pretty Weeds [Polaroid SLR 680]

26 - Window [Polaroid SLR 680]

27 - Stone [Polaroid SLR 680]

28 - Adventure [Polaroid SX-70]

29 - Yes! [Polaroid SLR 680]

Yes! to wishing and dreaming, to possibilities and opportunities, to change and growth, to following your path.

30 - I Believe [Polaroid

31 - August Was... [Polaroid SX-70]

August was... far too hot and humid, peaceful and quiet with everyone away on holiday, over in a flash, a month of noticing, looking and thinking carefully about how and when to take a photograph, a month in Polaroid.

A Month in Polaroid

By Nordljud @nordljus Blog: www.nordljusfollowyourstar.blogspot.com Instagram: @nordljusart Twitter: Kay_Nordljus @nordljusart Cameras used: Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 Polaroid SLR 680

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  • Finntasia

    What a brilliant collection, and all in one month.

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