5 September - 7 October Opening: Saturday 9 September, 5-8pm DiaLoGue: Catherine Erb & Alyssa Rosenheck Wednesday 20 September, 6-7pm

Erb's first solo Nashville exhibition is a continuation of her "Thin Air" encaustic photographic series. "Thin Air" explores fleeting, yet meaningful moments captured before their impact is fully realized.

Using a large-format printer to print her photographs, Erb adheres the paper to thick panel. She then layers pigment and encaustic over her photos. This creates a hazy veil that gives the work a painterly dimension while still keeping the sharpness and clarity of the image intact.

"I spend the most time searching for glimpses of a thing's divine essence and being still and present enough to capture those moments."

"There is a little break in time that occurs after something comes into my viewfinder but before I have a chance to react or form judgement: there is clarity in that interval of time, and I try to shoot and capture that moment."

Read more in the current issue of Nashville Arts Magazine.

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