Solar Eclipse

Idaho, USA


12pm we set out from Yakima, WA. Our destination plans include hoping to find a camping spot near McCall, ID. Everything was booked, even 2 hours north of the path of totality. We lucked out and found an amazing spot at Last Chance Campground, New Meadow, Idaho.

McCall, Idaho is a decently sized tourist/vacation town hugging Payette Lake with rustic restaurants and shops.


We woke up around 5am to make coffee and a small breakfast before heading back into McCall. We all didn't sleep too well that night, but eager to discover what McCall has to offer. We hung out till the sunlight could warm our hands and feet. It was pretty cold.

Once we were warmed up, we headed into McCall to have brunch at a rustic decorated pancake house. Absolutely delicious food, and incredible atmosphere.

With our bellies full, we set out towards Ponderosa State Park to explore this lush patch of forest next to Payette Lake. We found a small private lake shore to relax in the sand and listen to the water.

After soaking up the sun we decided to head back to camp to spend the rest of the day flying drones, napping lazily in the hammock, and playing Magic the Gathering.


Devin's birthday, and also Solar Eclipse Day. We woke up early to pack up camp and drive South towards the path of totality. We wanted to get as close as we could without being stuck in a large crowd. Serendipity brought us to Mann Creek Reservoir Campground where we pitched our tent and watched the celestial event of the year.

The solar eclipse elicited involuntary feelings I never knew I would feel. I shed a few shocking tears, and my voice grew very small.

An absolutely surreal experience. The true definition of breathtaking.

Grid lock traffic jams everywhere, even after we hung out for a bit to try and avoid the chaos.

The solar eclipse was worth the 7.5 hour drive and two nights shivering in a sleeping bag. IG @mandaburr1 #places #placestogo #storyoftheday #pnw #pacificnorthwest #travel #travelphotography #photography #explore #landscape #beautifuldestinations #nature #outdoors #stellerstories #stellerverse #upperleftusa #seewhatisee #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #eclipse #celestial #astronomy