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"Loneliness is personal, and it is also political. Loneliness is collective; it is a city. "

Olivia Laing - The Lonely City

A recollection of feelings while wandering around the street of Jakarta. Told through series of images.

These images were captured while I was reading Olivia Laing's The Lonely City. I guess it 's this book that helped me understand what I feel when I sit on a bus or on a train, looking at the world outside.

"You can be lonely anywhere, but there is a particular flavour to the loneliness that comes from living in a city, surrounded by millions of people."

We're all alone, we're all alone

"What does it feel like to be lonely?"

"It feels like being hungry: like being hungry when everyone around you is readying for a feast. "

"I felt like I was in danger of vanishing."

" Though at the same time the feelings I had were so raw and overwhelming that I often wished I could find a way of losing myself altogether,"

"So much of the pain of loneliness is to do with concealment, with feeling compelled to hide vulnerability, to tuck ugliness away, to cover up scars as if they are literally repulsive. But why hide?"

"What's so shameful about wanting, about desire, about having failed to achieve satisfaction, about experiencing unhappiness?"

"Sometimes, all you need is permission to feel. "

"Sometimes, what causes the most pain is actually the attempt to resist feeling, or the shame that grows up like thorns around it."

"I don't believe the cure for loneliness is meeting someone, not necessarily. I think it's about two things: learning how to befriend yourself and understanding that many of the things that seem to afflict us as individuals are in fact a result of larger forces of stigma and exclusion, which can and should be resisted."


All copy with quotation mark is quoted from Olivia Laing's The Lonely City #onthestreet #streetphotography #blackandwhite #jakarta IG: @aeneird

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  • rane

    Really love this.. I can feel the loneliness. Jadi pengen bikin Lonely ini Bangkok 😊


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