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It’s been a few years since I first discovered the National Dahlia Collection and basically each time I visit 3 things always happen; I can’t stop taking photos, I can’t stop collecting compost heap dahlias, and I can’t stop smiling...

I visited again yesterday & for a second time took my friend Emma @sewrecycled ...

I’d dampened the inside of a bin liner and put all the dahlias I'd collected from the compost heap into it before driving home, and they were almost the first thing I got sorted when we arrived back in Brighton...

It was getting dark and I was knackered by the time I’d tidied them up and sorted them into 11 vases, so I waited until today to fully appreciate them...

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  • sewrecycled

    It's such a lovely place, so glad we went again! X

  • blowyinthewind

    Looks like such a gorgeous place, so many varieties and colours.

  • lailarenn

    So beautiful 😍

  • karma_oviquio

    I love Dahlias!

  • ygershel

    Absolutely fab!!!💖💖💖💖 I am going to plant them next year!!💖💖💖

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