Summer Adventures

we're back! and better ;)

We've disappeared on this app for a while now and decided to get off the couch and write a lil' something

So you've just been sniffing flowers for a year and a half? What gives?!

No, no, no! We've also built castles at the beach! :D

...and of course spinned a fidget..

Not to mention we drank from a watering can #yolo

Plus, we became hippies for a day

now is that enough for an explanation???

Hmmm..NOPE! You're going to need more than that.

*sigh* alright, fine.

We ate some fancy shrimp

Went to a public park and got a lil' handsy

Slept in a bag

aaaaaaaaaaaand last but not least

We went in the jungle to search for some jesus lizards cos we all know everyone needs one of those wink wink

Thanks for hanging out with us! We hope you all had a fun, happy and sweat-free summer!

because we don't sweat hehe

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