Smoked Red Snapper

Healthy & Delicious

This is one of my favorite recipes for the late summer and early auto. The snapper is perfectly in season and so are the summer and fall vegetables.

Let's Smoke

The Chef

The first thing you need is.....THE RED SNAPPER!! You can get it cleans and scaled(which I recommend) and simply season in lightly with Adobo and Lawry's!

First things first...ALWAYS work with a clean surdace and ALWAYS have plenty of sanitized towels and clean utensils handy. Contamination is real and it can happen quickly. Be clean. Be safe.

Next stuff it with herbs! I LOVE rosemary in mine but you can use any herbs you like! Don't be afraid to go a bit crazy...this is your party and you can flavor all you want to!

Next I like to chop up a bit of zucchini and squash and add it to the grill!

The grill marks come out perfectly when you grill fish in the proper cage. Always invest in good equipment and you BBQ with be a success. And that is a Food Philosophy!

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