In the labyrinth of stones

Discovering a treasure of Vorarlberg

Ernst Haller has been hiking all of his professional life, and almost of his lifetime, preferably in the Kleinwalsertal, where he was born in 1937. He told us his story during a hike to the Gottesacker plateau.

It is with a resolute, brisk step that Ernst Haller walks ahead. The path up is narrow and stony, yet Ernst advances as if he knew every stick and every stone of it.

Over the course of millions of years, the water has cut conspicuous grooves and clefts out of the limestone.

As we climb higher and higher, the clouds come in thicker and thicker. The only thing we can see is the landscape just ahead of us - it's beautiful.

" No tour is like any other tour - even if you are doing it for the hundredth time. " Ernst Haller

Rapt, we sit on a wooden bench leaning against the wall of the hut and enjoy the complete silence.

Now we understand what it is that has been driving him up the mountains for a lifetime. - moments like these.

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