Day 216

Rocky Mountain Trails

Technically the hardest week of Noah's 4000 mile march across America. Loveland Pass 11,990 ft & Vail Pass 10,690 ft. Altitude plays tricks with Insulin.

Sapphire Point

Funny face pic

Much better funny face pic

Colorado has thee best bike paths.

Moose warning, Didn't see any.

Nice stream along the path.

Nice place for a snack break.

Dr Chris is an expert in Altitude training and had great advice for Noah & his insulin dosing.

At the top of Vail Pass with the legend Doug Masuik who had run across America in 2012.

Then is started to rain.

Vail Village.

The team of The Sebastian Resort & Residences in Vail, Colorado

Amazing Week

Noah has crossed the brutal heat & humidity of Kansas in July. Now he just crossed 2 of the highest points in America. He has marched about 2600 of his 4000 miles. It's literally all down hill to the end.

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    Bravo,félicitations pour ce joli voyage,beaucoup de courage et ne jamais baisser les bras ...💙✨🌸✨✨✨🌼💥🌈🌈