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Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

Parangtritis is located around 28 km (17 miles) from Yogyakarta this is the ideal distance to come for a day trip to take a break out of the city and soak up the roar of the waves and the astounding atmosphere. Here you’ll see some incredibly green lush hills set against the backdrop of a raging ocean.

The Wave

With raging surf and salty sea breezes it will be hard not to feel rejuvenated and refreshed as soon as you arrive here.

At night, the star light on the silvery-black dunes give the beach a mystical feeling.

Time to enjoy the Art is in here

Together with yogyakarta all the memories stored neatly. As simple as walking alone with you, at Malioboro that night.

Daniel Tjongari

The way to enjoy this beach

Photograph by Daniel Tjongari instagram @danieltjongari #stellerID #blackandwhite #fineart #tree #landscape #monochrome #nature #indonesia #longexposure #bw #bnw #photography #yogyakarta Shoot wih SONY A7R II SONY Zeiss Lens

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