With zucchini, friends and waves

Last week my university mates and I went to Lavagna, near Cinque Terre, in Liguria, Italy. 🌊 It's a nice small town nearby the sea, with a lot of colourful houses and definitely some charme.

Quite picturesque, isn't it? ✨ But we weren't there just for the roofs and the view - we were there to jump into the sea, to laugh and - of course - to have delicious meals together! 🍽

This is the story of one of our meals - that is, the story of a few hours spent together. ⏱ Let's see the carbonara taking shape!

We started cutting the zucchini in little slices. 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒 Very easy task!

Meanwhile, we scrambled our eggs together with pepper and Parmesan cheese, getting this wonderful, sun-looking yellow sauce. 🥚☀️🥚 A bit more difficult -- that's why we asked the best cook among us to perform this second step!

Here we are with the funny part. This is our carefully sliced zucchini, cooked in a pan with sliced bacon. 🥓🥒🥓🥒🥓 A feast for the eye (and the mouth!)

And finally, this is the complete carbonara: the green of the zucchini is not very visible, but trust me - they are there! 🍽 And together there are bacon, eggs, Parmesan and other Parmesan on top. We are Italian, remember? 🍝

The food was definitely delicious, yet not precisely "light" -- but well, the sea is always the sea... 🌊 And so, after our wonderful modified carbonara, we also managed to get into the waves! 🌊💦💥

Seaside with friends - and good Italian food - is pretty amazing, isn't it? 💙 Thank you for watching and reading! 👀