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Design museum is next to the Royal Palace in Copenaghen. You can visit very interesting permanent exhibitions and temporary ones. ------- Il Museo del Design si trova a pochi passi dal Palazzo Reale di Copenaghen. Contiene allestimenti permanenti molto interessanti dedicati al design danese e mostre temporanee.

DANISH DESIGN NOW: get a look at a wide spectrum of contemporary Danish design, including furniture, product design, graphic design, fashion, and design for public spaces. ------- Una delle mostre permanenti è DANISH DESIGN NOW, una panoramica del design danese dai mobili, accessori per la casa, fashion etc.

The Danish Chair offers a diverse and global selection of chairs, with a focus on chairs from Denmark. [...] With an emphasis on the golden age of Danish furniture design, 1920-1970, the exhibit allows visitors to experience about 100 Danish and a handful of international chairs shown as individual works of art -from wooden chairs to armchairs to folding chairs, lounge chairs, dining-room chairs and rocking chairs. ----- Molto interessante la mostra dedicata alle sedie (1920-1970) che presenta circa 100 esemplari di grande design. L'allestimento in teche con spiegazioni dettagliate del progetto risulta di grande effetto.

"We’ll tell the story of how Danish design became an international brand. Learn more about the many types of chairs that illustrate the 20th-century Danish success story and the export adventure we call Danish Modern."

I AM BLACK VELVET...a temporary exhibition open from June 16 2017 to January 28 2018. The exhibit shows more than 70 haute couture creations by the Danish fashion designer Erik Mortensen for the French fashion houses Pierre Balmain and Jean Louis Scherrer from 1982-95. (For more informations go to the site) --------- La temporanea I AM BLACK VELVET resterà aperta fino alla fine di gennaio 2018. Presenta più di 70 creazioni del fashion designer Erik Mortensen per Piere Balmain e Jean Louis Scherrer dal 1982 al 1985.

LEARNING FROM JAPAN: a temporary exhibition open from October 08 2015 to June 30 2018. ------- La temporanea LEARNING FROM JAPAN resterà aperta fino al 30 giugno 2018.

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