This year I was invited to Queenstown to present on Influencer Marketing at the Queenstown Winter Festival. Although my official role at the event was as a speaker I still managed to squeeze in plenty of shooting, skiing and EATING! Queenstown, I love you. 😍❤️❄️

Reasons I loved this trip #1 I got to travel with my bestie @garry_norris and we got to SKI!

I love Queenstown and I kind of feel like people think Queenstown is too popular now and that can be a deterrent. People, no! Queenstown is popular for a reason, because it's so f***ing RAD! There is loads to do if you want hustle and bustle but also so many opportunities for quiet reflection and solitude. Plus, Queenstown is the only place in the world you can get a Ferg Burger! 🍔🍟

Hustle and Bustle

Queenstown is a thriving, pumping, exciting mountain town with two incredible ski resorts (Remarkables and Coronet Peak), every adventure activity you can imagine and fun galore!


If it's quiet and solitude you want, well you're in the mountains. Queenstown is BEAUTIFUL! Drive ten minutes out of town in any direction and find your own slice of heaven.

Previous images: *Lake Hayes *The road to the Remarkables *The view from my hotel (Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel) *The top of the Skyline Gondola *Meiklejohns Bay *Lake Hayes Again! (it was pretty alright?) 😂😂

Winter Festival 2017

And there's also the annual Winter Festival, the reason I was there in the first place! From the JUCY Undy 500 to the Huskies to the many workshops and concerts, it's a great time to be in town!

Previous photos of me by Garry Norris and Jo Stephens. 😍


Something else that surprised me about Queenstown this trip is that there's actually some excellent food around! I mean, I ate mainly ski food and Ferg Burger but there was so much more on offer. 😂😂😂

My fave? Bespoke Kitchen! https://www.bespokekitchen.co.nz

So there you have it! A short jaunt to Queenstown and I packed in: two keynote presentations (as a speaker), an instameet, 3 Winter Fest activities, night skiing at Coronet Peak, day skiing at Coronet Peak AND the Remarkables, Ferg Burger, the Skyline Gondola, Meiklejohns Bay and alllll the food! 🍷❄️☃️🔥⛷❤️

THE END Thanks to @QueenstownNZ , @Olympus_AU and Winter Festival! Xx