Fernweh (n) Origin: German Meaning: An urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust. That feeling you get when you’ve been home too long and you ache to be out into the world again. Flip on to see which Featured Authors have given us this feeling this week.

See the astonishing scenes in Tasmania in the winter time with @laurenepbath.

Journey through @amandajoyh’s last 3 months of adventures.

Venture deep into the culture of Bali, Indonesia with @hardysmeraldo.

Go to the Annecy Animation Festival with @luigi_segre.

Discover the lost city of Castel di Tusa, Sicily and find the art with @_lagiuditta.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their story.

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @laurenepbath @amandajoyh @hardysmeraldo @luigi_segre @_lagiuditta Cover by @laurenepbath

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