Hongkong & Macau 2017

Julia S V

This was my hongkong trip with my family on January'17. Loving the sweet treats, the street food, and the bustling of this whole-package country!

It was not long-planned trip as my parents decided to have this trip only a month before. Initially Hongkong was not the choice for the trip but I DIDNT REGRET IT

Here is the view from my bus headed to the city from airport. Beautiful right? Who would've thought hongkong is very diverse?

This was me enjoying the wind at the top of victoria peak (mind my face 😅)

The next day me and my family went to MACAU!

Found this jewel!!! I didnt know what it was called.. but it tasted like biscuit (freshlymade) #streetfood

Dinner time! This was me and my brother after running to the very well-known islamic centre canteen and then ate halal chinese food!


Lovely and cute train to disneyland

What a performance.. I was lucky enough to witness this when I entered disneyland

I was hungry on the way back to my accomodation (although I already had a lot of food on disneyland..) maybe it was the cold weather haha so...



The next day (sadly last day)

Snacking with this skyscrapper building and green scenery view!

Goodbye Hongkong and Macau

You've been incredible! Will definitely comeback!

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