The mini jungle on Lake Constance


The most biodiverse nature reserve in Vorarlberg is to be found where the Rhine flows into Lake Constance. The Rhine delta, with its peninsulas, bays and marshlands, is not only a refuge for birds and plants - it is also a uniquely beautiful and exciting wilderness.

The sun is low in the sky. It twinkles through a jungle of reeds, meadows and gnarled old willow trees. The Old Rhine flows in its wildly romantic manner through the middle, reflecting all shades of green now in the warm backlight.

"The Rheinholz is my favourite place in the Rhine delta," Ruth Swoboda, Manager of the inatura Erlebnis Naturschau in Dornbirn, tells us. That is because there are so many breeds of animal and species of plant. And because the moment the forest opens up to reveal the lake is always something special - from the darkness of the forest to the blazing sunlight sparkling on the water.

"The best thing of all is that you can access most of the nature reserve areas", says Ruth Swoboda. Not only can you bathe in the Rheinholz - you can even barbecue in specially designated spots. If you are not there for pure relaxation purposes but rather to hone your view of the details of this constantly changing landscape, feel free to take any one of the numerous excursions offered.

The Rhine delta is home to 330 species of bird, 160 species of wild bee and around 600 plants

The insect hotel of the Rheindeltahaus

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