Aday in...Istanbul

By Touristissimo

Istanbul is the most magnetic city then i never visit. I visited Istanbul during my connecting flight to Uzbekistan. I enjoyed every moment then i spent there, i also met some new friends and we shared some apple tea It's not a first time in Istanbul... And not the last

The Galata area is my favorite and there are good places to taste the best local dishes. Walk along the bridge to meet fishermen and seagulls who are waiting nicely for their meal

It is arriving near the mosque Eminonü that magic operates. The smell of spices that tickles your nostrils, the loukoums that make your taste buds travel and the smell of Turkish coffee inviting you to take a break to admire the city in motion.

Istanbul is magical It's a city full of suprises. You'll fall in love more and more

Let's drink a cup of tea

Thank you for your visit @touristissimo #photography #Istanbul #Turkey #Storyoftheday #steller #stellerplace #stellerstories #stellertravel #solotravel #travel#creative #stellerverse

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