#MatExp language 👀

Anyone following the #MatExp campaign, will know that language has been a consistent theme, particularly at our popular Whose Shoes sessions. What words would you expect to hear around pregnancy and childbirth? Birth is a natural event and yet so much of the language is medicalised. So much revolves around negativity – risk... failure ... incompetence. 😰 In a random rather than systematic way, I have collected some of the examples we have come across.... It is definitely time to change!

Sometimes no words are needed at all.

Whose Shoes is very action focused. We inspire people to think critically, challenge things that need to change - and then do something about it!

Making a film - is being explored.

Language challenges being embraced in various hospitals - Colchester...

and Leeds.

Exciting! And now we are main stage st NHS Expo. Language matters! Find out more @WhoseShoes! 😘 Graphics by fab New Possibilities. nutshellcomms.co.uk matexp.org.uk