Art & Craft exhibitions are always interesting, they give us a lot of inspirations and surprises. That is why I love to explore the works of artists and designers through exhibitions. The craft products are not only a product, it tells us about thoughts, ideas, energy, #creativity, and messages from the crafters. And the good one is, I believe, usually made with love.

Woven plastic pots

Coaster crochet

Decoupage on wood

Glass painting table

Dry Bodhi leaves in frame

International Handicraft Trade Fair (Inacraft) is held every year in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event is presenting Indonesian handicraft, such as Batik, gift, jewellery, woven products, woodcrafting, furnitures, fashion products, and toys. #indonesia #art

Print painting products

Home & decor crochet

Embroidery bags

Decorative tiles

Tablecloth crochet

Natural coloring cloth

Rattan craft

Print painting products

Shabby chic home decoration

This is the biggest handicraft exhibition in Asean. Thousand exhibitors are participating on 5 days event. They came from all over indonesian cities, some of them are from other countries. #handicraft #inacraft

Woven caping hat (painted)

Rattan craft

Metalwork craft

Tapestry crochet handbag

Decorative tiles

#crafting "The Desire to Create is One of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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