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- 14th July 2017 -

There's just two weeks until Terence takes part in RideLondon100

So far, we've been using IoT to track his training progress and gather environmental data from his rides around Surrey and London. From this we're able to explore how IoT can keep cyclists safe, help them train harder, and transform how councils tackle complex environmental problems. šŸš“

But more importantly, Terence will be cycling for stem4, a teenage mental health charity.

In the last 50 years, there's been a significant rise in mental health problems among children.

1 in 10

Children aged 5 - 16 present with clinically diagnosable mental health problems which when left unresolved can affect social and educational development with lasting impact into adulthood.

They do this through:

stem4's mission is to foster the development of good mental health in teenagers in order to stem commonly occurring mental health issues at an early age.

Collaborative work with young people, their families, and schools

to help individuals to enhance their resilience and sense of individual responsibility.

Comprehensive, evidence-based online information

via their website, targeting four specific areas of mental health: Eating disorders, self harm, depression & anxiety, and addiction

Workshops and conferences

for students, parents, teachers, and health professionals, bringing people together to share experiences and to work towards best practice.

The development of the award-winning Calm Harm app

that helps children and young people manage the urge to self harm

Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Phycologist, Founder & CEO at stem4;

"We are delighted that Terence is raising money for stem4. Cycling is a sport that takes courage, determination, and perseveranceā€”all qualities of physical resilience, that give you the freedom to manage the stresses of daily life or to pedal for a personal best...

"At stem4 we work with children and young people to build emotional resilienceā€”providing them with tools to develop qualities that enable them to deal with the stresses and challenges they face, as well as helping them to recognise and manage mental health problems early, so they can grow through maximising their potential...

"We are a small charity that rely heavily on donations and the awareness Terence is raising by taking part in this ride, as well as your contribution in supporting him, will go a long way to helping us continue to make our offer secondary schools. "Please support his huge effort."

Here's what your donations could do:


Will provide a person with a pack of mental health information leaflets


Will enable a parent or carer to attend a conference on teenage mental health


Will enable a student, teacher, school nurse or GP to attend a conference on teenage mental health


Will expand stem4's website to ensure mental health information is accessible across the world


Will enable stem4 to produce a video on a mental health topic for schools anywhere in the world


will enable stem4 to design and develop a new app focusing on a specific area of mental health

Help stem4 achieve their vision of stemming teenage mental illness and supporting teenage mental health

Sponsor Terence

Terence, Business Development Manager at Pangea:

"Before working with stem4, I wasn't aware of the rate of mental health problems in young people, with a staggering 1 in 10 children affected. "And in a group of 10 youngsters it's impossible to spot the one affectedā€”the one that needs the help...

"But that's the relevance and importance of what stem4 does: working with friends, families, carers, and schools to help detect and intervene early. "There are 700,000 youngsters in the U.K. who need your help, and your support WILL make a difference." Sponsor Terence here

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