Clare Island and the west coast

5 Day road trip, starting in Knock.

A few years ago I decided to learn my way around a camera so I could document my design project, from packaging project to posters. There was never really any other motive in mind but i developed a deep love for it. Now fast forward 3 or so years later I'm being sent by the advertising agency I work at on assignments for photography as well as design. This job would be spending a week documenting the whole west coast of Ireland. The story takes place on Clare Island, just off the west coast of Ireland.

The only way on or off of the island is by ferry boat. It only does two trips a day one in the morning and one at night. We made sure to get an early start and hop on the morning ferry.

The island is roughly 4 miles wide at its longest point with 145 people living on the island that tend to live in one small area on the south side. Much of the island is very raw and peaceful.

Our airBnB host Oliver taking us to his place but stopping off to help out a neighbor heard his unruly sheeps.

The island is too small to bring your car so renting mountain bikes seemed like a great way to see the island. With a back full of gear!

After a tough 3 mile ride we made it to Clare Island Lighthouse , one of the most important places for us on the trip.

The island was beautiful, it was cloudy and moody the whole time perfect for the style of stuff I wanted to capture. But I think we were ready to head back to the mainland after 24 hours in the harsh condition. We caught the early morning ferry to carry on with out road trip.

Pro tip: don't pay to park at the main section on the cliffs go all the way to the end of the road and hike on the back side.

First stop. Cliffs of Moher

Ring of Kerry castle

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