Gerrell K. Leclair

The Center of My Universe

June, 16th 2017

I'm all inexplicably addicted to the bittersweetness of falling on love with stranger.

I still remember the day we met. There wasn’t much that was special about you, not much that’d have stood out to me, because the shards of glass in my eyes kept me from seeing you. I thought that in the times when I needed a shoulder, it wouldn’t be yours, and smiles from you only ever earned blank stares from me. But now? Now in every gaze of yours I see myself reflected. Your laughs echo around my head in the same way that mine have begun to once again, once again since you. And I love you more than I thought I could.

‪Do you know how it feels like to look at someone and see everything you want, in their strengths but also in their flaws?

Do you know how it feels like to want to hold them so close that no gust of wind gets to caress their skin before you have?

Do you know how it feels like to want to squeeze their hand so tight that no other hand fits right between their fingers anymore, except your own?

Do you know how it feels like to want to wipe away every tears, put a bandaid on every scrape and reassure every insecurity?

Do you know how it feels like, to feel the way that I feel about you?

You make me feel things that I locked away. Things I didn’t think possible, to feel again. You make me feel, like we’re stuck in a moment, hidden from time. Stolen hours even days, feel like mere minute as they rush by. You make me forget all my worries and the unwilling commitments the world has put in my path. You make me remember how it feels to truly laugh.

Le centre de mon univers.

Being with you is my favorite thing. You know that, right?

You once said that you’ll always be there whenever I needed you. You have no idea how grateful I am because of that. And I undoubtedly trust you with everything inside of me. Because you’ve been fighting for me since day one.

You fill my entire mind ever since that night when you asked me what can you do to make me feel better.

Thank you for always be there for me, grumpy.

But hey, did you survive avada kedavra? 'Cause you're drop dead gorgeous. 😉

And just so you know, if you were a transformer, you’d be a hot-autobot and your name would be optimus fine. 😉😉

One last thing. There’s a big sale in my bedroom tonight. Clothes are now 100% off! 😉😉😉

Whoops. Whoops. I just love messing with you 😉

Then, let's just get straight to the point. Ps: Only swipe whenever you're ready.

Happy 1st month of being truly, madly, deeply in love together, handsome.

‪I don’t know where life will take us from here, I don’t know what the next moment, the next hour or the next day is going to bring for us. I know that love stories don’t come with a life time guarantee and all lovers don’t end up living together. But I strongly believe that soulful love is the only essence of all beautiful relationships. What matters is that we are together now and this is that special beacon moment of our life. This moment in time I am going to love you as soulfully and as beautifully as I can. I'll just pour my heart out and love like no one has ever loved before. Let’s love like never before. We may not end up as the happily ever after kind of lovers but we will remain like a tattoo on each others souls till the end of time. I love you, baby. ‬♡

Now, take a deep breath. In out. Deep breath. Calm yourself down. 😋

Family is a feeling you get with certain people in your life, much like home is never actually a place. Family is whatever you choose it to be and is to be felt more than seen. Family is something that requires work and time but from that work and time comes the sweetest most rewarding results. Family is beautiful and such an important part of people’s lives. But most of all family is something that should never be taken for granted, not even for one second of any given day. So, meet my family.

Happy one month of being together you two. Cherish your past and dream for tomorrow. Remember the laughter, forget the sorrow! Live each day in a beautiful way, may your relationship stay strong and true. And Gerrel, don't you dare to mess with my daughter. I'm watching you.

Sheila Mirielle

halooo, pacarnya Caca. udah sebulanan ya sama Caca? I'm not good at words but I'm always hoping that both of you will always spend the days together in joy and happiness. you don't approach me, so I don't know you so well. or you perhaps have done that and I was the one who didn't reply you again, or maybe it was you. I'm on Caca's side anyway. baik-baik ya sama Caca. Mai bukan tipe orang yang ramah sama cowok/cewek yang jadi pacarnya anak Syn. used to, but sometimes they were jerk in the end. Mai harap kamu not one of them ya. I am sure that everyone especially in Syndergaard are hoping the best for both of you tapi yang ngejalanin kan kalian, so do your best. jangan takut kalo mau approach familynya Caca. ya approach tinggal approach aja. good luck.

Maidelyne Quincy Syndergaard

Dear Gerrel, The person who is just as good as anyone could ever asked from God I heard that you and Clarisse have finally made it through the first month which is cute enough for me to congratulate both of you. So, congratulations on your very first mensiversarry! Wait up, don't get too excited first, since by the time goes by, everything will weigh itself, thus you gotta keep strong and keep on building trust towards each other. Despite the obstacles, despite the bothersome problems, you just gotta know that love only meant to keep you happy. Be always happy, lovebirds. I am wishing you tons of happiness because that's what you guys really deserve. Love, S.

Searsha Maeve

dear gerrell, hello. it's kayla here. kayla is... clarisse's oldest brother's wifey... or fiancee. or whatever. you usually call me gee though. hello i sincerely congratulate you two for passing a month (that i'm sure) full of love and affection 😊💞 it's so nice to see clarisse all smiley and lovey dovey with you. i hope this will last very long okay. congratulations! i'm waiting for many months to come for both of you. p.s we trust you a lot! esp knowing how happy caca is with you know. jadi jangan gundah gulana ok as long as she's happy then we're okay with you. sering main ke rumah bawa martabak ya. sama nasi padang pake rendang buat kayla dan alex.

Kayla Brianne

Happy 1 month of being together with my sister Clarisse, Gerrel oppa. I wish you nothing but let only the best things accompany every step of your journeys together. I as well as the others will always send our hearty prayers. Oh and also, there's no need to feel anxious about how our family thinks about you. Clarisse chose you and that means you have already been a part of us. Caca bilang katanya Gerrel sungkan ya mau ketemu Syndergaard? HAHAHAH keluarga kita isinya kacang atom semua, garing2 gt jadi gausah sungkan beneran deh we would like to know you more toooo

Keiravenna Gracelyn