Playing with Watercolours

Having a bad and stressful day? Why don't do something as a stress reliever? Playing with watercolor is one of my most recommended things

Just grab your paper, brushes, watercolours and start painting

It doesn't have to be sophisticated Just playing like a child would make you feel better. Don't pay attention to how it would turn out.

Just do it step by step, add one detail after another and enjoy the process

It's okay to make mistakes along the way: Sometimes you overworking it until your paper torn Sometimes you have too many water on your brush, and your colors "bleed" Sometimes your brush is too dry the result isn't what you expected

I think that's okay. Watercolour painting often gives you surprises. The colors drip here and there but it feels good because they are unexpected

Simple tulips #attempt1 #TrialandError #Fail #Miserable

Flower dreads. Pen and ink is my saviour~

Its okay to have not-that-good results because the ultimate goal is relieving stress. And this helps a lot. Triggered?

#creative #watercolor #stellerid #floral #paint #summer #diy #stellerverse

Thank you~

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