Day 193

Crossing the Kansas-Colorado boarder

Noah enters his 8th state and has completed 2270 miles on his 4000 mile march to Blaine, WA. We really enjoyed Kansas with all the great people that showed us support & encouragement. Thank You Kansas!!!

Kansas style lawn mower!!!

Trucks racing down the road.

The last mile in Kansas and wow is it still flat out west.

This trucker has watched us march past him for 80 miles and was so impressed with Noah, he had to stop & shake his hand.

"Gooooood Byeeee Kansas!"

We are starting to gain altitude, but still pretty flat.

Yesterday it was 104F a stormed rolled in and rained us out and wow did the temp drop fast.

We are about 160 miles due East of Denver on route 36. Had to stop for the day due to heavy rain & lightening. See you next week Denver.

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