June 2017

A tiny black boy came to our house on June 28, 2017. We called him Menino, which in Portuguese means "boy."

He was a shy boy at first. He didn't speak much, and he often hid somewhere, making the whole house worried. One night my brother woke me up, saying Menino was missing. It turned out he was hiding under my brother's bed, and soon, that became his favorite hiding spot. Fortunately, he had been trained to use the toilet, so for that matter, we didn't have to worry.

Gradually, he became more open after a few days, running around, drinking and eating a lot, and clinging more to people.

One day, Menino looked gloomy. We rushed him to the vet, and thankfully, it wasn't serious.

The next few days, Menino came back to normal. He once again became a playful tiny boy. He learned to use the staircase, and soon, he loved my room which is in the second floor.

We often spent the time together.

Then, something happened.

At first, we didn't realize the changes of behavior.

He spent more time in my room, only for sleeping. His body got warmer. Then I found out he didn't drink or eat as much as before.

It was late at night, and there were only Menino and I at home. Menino got diarrhea, refused to drink, and suddenly collapsed in front of the bathroom.

I quickly put him on the bed, wrapped him up with anything to keep him warm, then contacted anyone who could tell me what to do.

Unfortunately, that was the end.

June 15, 2017. In my embrace, Menino left the world.

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  • kartanegara

    He's so cute. And this story is so sad omg 😭

  • filipclick


  • easybusyday

    It happens to me too.. i lost 5cats in a week, unfortunately there is a viruses that contaminated the cats here in my town. The Vet says out of 7 cases, just 1 survived. ☹️☹️☹️


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