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On Saturday, we made the most of a beautiful sunny day and drove over to Fife for a walk in Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve. I've shared this walk before - you can find previous stories here, here and here (yes, we love this walk!) - but every time we go it feels different as the seasons shift and the light changes. When we arrived on Saturday, it was warmer than we'd expected - too hot for Harris and Bracken to be on the beach in direct sunlight, so we headed to the shade of the forest instead.

we paused for a rest

the light was staggering

It was late afternoon by this point, and a few degrees cooler, so we headed off the main path through the forest in the direction of the beach.

And then... the sea. The beach was almost empty. The boys and I had a paddle to cool their paws.

this light...

until next time then...



#stellerplaces #stelleruk

Shot on iPhone 7 Plus and edited in Lightroom + VSCO Kodak Gold 200.

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  • _tanya

    Oh! Love, love, love this story! 💗💁🏼

  • katteer

    As ever, another wonderful story from Copperline, my favourite, love those wee dogs.

  • coppernotes

    Ah thank you so much @_tanya 🙏🏻It was the most incredible day to be there - was so excited to be taking photos in this light!

  • coppernotes

    Thank you so much @katteer 🙏🏻 The boys loved this walk - as did we. The light was incredible!

  • Dwiyana

    Pages 4 & 12 : Love the shoots of your dogs and the mood you captured 😍

  • Dwiyana

    Page 36 : How you can shoot a water looks like an oil spil, it's amazing 👍🏻

  • coppernotes

    Ah @Dwiyana thank you! The light was just incredible! I started the walk thinking, "hmm, so bright I'm going to have crazy contrasts here..." and sure enough there were a few, but the light in the forest was magical, and the effect on the beach was just a moment... I didn't have to do anything!

  • Leontine

    Beautiful and relaxing walk! The light is magical and I think, even the musical silence of the woods. 🌲🌲🌲

  • coppernotes

    Thanks so much for the share! @Steller Mr @jordanfoy 🙋🏻 🙌🏻

  • Peiper2007

    So green and cool

  • nancyforde

    Oh! The ferns! And then the sea! the ripples. How are you, my friend?

  • coppernotes

    Hello @nancyforde 👋🏻 Well it's been a tough several weeks sorting things for my Mum *but* things are coming together for her move. So, not the summer hoped, but things will be better soon... how are you?

  • nancyforde

    @copperline so many changes unfolding - I shall have to email them to you! I think I have yours (mine is nancyfordephoto@gmail.com) - sorry I've been absent and wasn't aware your mum was unwell. Lots of love to you and all good thoughts for swift recovery! xo


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