Debating a term

This year at a conference for maternity workers in England, delegates were dissuaded from using the phrase 'Obstetric Violence' by a senior health leader.

It got me thinking

What is 'Obstetric Violence'?

One definition

It seems major global health and social care organisations are interested in responding to this phenomena

So I decided to write a blog post on the topic But first I wanted to canvas opinion on Twitter

The response was overwhelming, and expectedly stirred emotions Here are a few....

Obstetricians, and others felt the term could promote perception that Obstetric Violence is about obstetricians

Whilst others felt the term was appropriate

And important questions were raised

Sadly & most importantly came the voices of those who felt they had suffered...

I highlighted recent research by @midwifethinking

Please read this short Stellar story with my blog post, for a broader view... But before you leave, read the last page.

This is a message sent to me a few weeks ago, from a student midwife...

Obstetric Violence is not about obstetricians, or midwives. It's about both. It's about women. Whatever name is given to disrespectful maternity care, we must work hard to make it STOP.

THANK YOU @SagefemmeSB

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