Beautiful faces from Uzbekistan

By Touristissimo

Uzbekistan and I are a great love story. I do not know how or when this love affair took place, but such beauty is not forgotten. Last March, I went to Uzbekistan the reality was even more beautiful than all my dreams. Uzbekistan is an open-air museum, but it was the meetings that marked me the most.

Tendera is the first person then i met in Khiva, this smiley girl was with her puppies next to my hostel

This cute girl came to me with her little sister to hug me.

It was in Bukhara that I met a group of women who came from Ferghana for a pilgrimage. I also met Aladdin who wanted to sell his flying carpets, he was so funny.

These women from Ferghana wanted to show me how we greet each other in their region.

These boys came to me and try to practice their English and They were very good.

These children were dressed to celebrate Navruz (the spring festival that lasts from March 21st to June 21st). I stayed hypnotized before the magnetic look of this little boy

During my trip to Uzbekistan, I spent the night in the village of Pangate in the middle of nowhere and was my best memory of my trip starting with my meeting with Mahfouza where I was sleeping ... To thank the villagers Their welcome and their kindness I took pictures ... A unique moment.

Friends for life

The children were happy to be taken in pictures and to see themselves in the screen of my camera

These women invite my friends and I to celebrate Navruz in their village and tasting delicious dessert.

I love this picture and how the camel takes the pose

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