Street Photography/Portraiture

By Cdeknock

Welcome to Chicago. These are assorted shots including standard street, portraiture, and self-portraiture. @cdeknock

Chicago has a story to tell and I'm trying to play my small part.

A city of neighborhoods

Wicker Park



Ukrainian Village

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  • _tanya

    Beautiful story! Black & white photos are amazing 🖤

  • cdeknock

    @_tanya thanks! Yes, black and white photos call for drama and isolation! Glad you enjoyed.

  • cdeknock

    @rosethorne thanks! Greatest city, right?

  • Dwiyana

    @cdeknock : Ted Grant says "When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes, but when you photograph people in B&W , you photograph their soul", all pics it's amazing 👍🏻 I love it

  • cdeknock

    @Dwiyana thank you, I appreciate it!

  • Tinalouise

    🗣 YEAH!!

  • karma_oviquio

    Outstanding! I never knew black and white photos could be so dramatic!

  • TravelBliss

    Nice.. check me out. Follow me

  • devitadk



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