Year Of Sundays

The Generosity of Others

Trains. Buses. A rug. Some sand. Sometimes a nice big king size bed. Travelling for the last four months has basically been My wife and I trying to find comfortable places to sleep for as cheap as possible all over the world.

When leaving Australia we imagined our perfect accommodation would be a beautifully located, light filled and spacious Air BnB. It would have a nice big shower and maybe an outdoor bath or a pool. A comfortable bed. Not too soft, not too firm. Don’t forget all the the kitchen facilities fit for a professional chef. All for under $80.00 a night!

Although we are yet to find this ‘dream’, we have been pleasantly surprised by what makes us feel comfortable and at home. The dream has somewhat changed.

Over the past month we have been fortunate enough to have people open their homes and hearts to us in a way we could not have imagined possible. The kindness we have experienced has made this month one we will not soon forget. We have learnt that comfort is not just the perfect accommodation, the best kitchen or the biggest bed. It’s the warm hearts, laughter, and the generosity of others that have made us feel at home all the way over the other side of the world.

All of the photos in this story were taken in Scotland, England, and Spain. Follow along on Instagram @yearofsundays

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