Take Me to Jia

A Family Dinner to Remember

Let me begin the story with a dessert that concluded our family dinner at Jia Dining. It was a matcha dome covered in chocolate, representing how good our experience was. The dinner itself began with me making reservation and ordering half a Peking duck at the same time, as it will take some time to get the duck ready.

Supposedly a neat pre-dinner photo, yet it was taken afterwards.

When we arrived, the duck had finished being roasted in a state-of-the-art oven, and the meat was sliced by a chef next to our table.

We then enjoyed wrapping the thinly sliced duck meat in pancakes. This is the first Peking duck experience for Mr. 7yo, and he enjoyed it very much. Later we had duck fried rice that was made of the remaining duck meat.

Happily digging into the duck fried rice.

This hearty dining experience combined with super fun swimming earlier made Mr. 7yo super sleepy. He closed his eyes when being photographed, but he was undoubtedly happy that he managed to pose his feet.

Looking forward to another family dining at Jia, possibly for lunch where we can indulge in dimsum and lamian. #StellerMoments #StellerFamily #SeeWhatISee #StellerID #StellerFood

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