Festival de San Juan

Hernani, Basqueland, Spain

San Juan Sua 🔥 Starts with a giant fire in the town square, flames reaching as high as the rooftops. Traditional dancers perform and when the fire is smaller people run and jump over it or throw in a scrap of paper written with something old the want to get rid of. Later the bulls come out...

After several bulls are teased and taunted and dodged, they get to go home. Then everyone who's awake in Hernani at 9am walks thru the two main streets of the old part meanwhile a man dressed as a fox 🦊 (with an actual fox on his head and traditional basque clothes) runs thru town hitting people with a very loud inflated cow bladder. Another large group of men frighten people and surround them with a rope and beat them as well with the ancient instrument -- cow bladder which makes a loud 'gunshot in the distance' sound💥

Casey Larae Photography @caseylaraephoto on IG CaseyLarae.com #hernani #sanjuan #festival #basquecountry #españa

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