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It have been a month and more since the end of Cinco de Mayo day. However, the mood of tequila, nachos and more tequila hasn't end yet. You don't have to wait till 5th of May to have a Mexican Party. Cause everyday it can be one. As our family are trying to stay healthy, we dialed back the drinking and dialed up the family-friendly fun. Snag our ideas for decorations,

cocktails, appetizers, main courses, and desserts. So now let's get started by sharing ours! xoxo, Le Plain Canvas

We set up a colorful taco bar along with recipes for taco fish, lime chicken, chunky salsa, and a mini soda bar. Your may find that even your picky parents are more willing to try some new things to when they are displayed beautifully like this.

Overview of our taco bar

• Battered Tilapia Fish • Grilled Chicken Fajita • Homemade Guacamole • Mixed Salsa • Tacos & Tortillas • Mexican Shrimp Cocktail • Tropical Lemonade • A wide range of sides

Grilled Chicken Fajita

The Two Mains

We would to have a variety of mains, thus we decided to have Battered Tilapia Fish and Grilled Chicken Fajita. Battered Tilapia Fish is a good option for seafood lovers. As it is easy to made and it cooks up in literally minutes. Grilled Chicken Fajita for those meat lovers. They were really simple and fun to make. You can make it before hand so that during the party you can enjoy more.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

The highlight of the party is actually the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. It is almost like a "salad in a glass". A chock full of crunchy vegetables and shrimp in a spicy, tangy tomato sauce. What's not to love? Some tips for non onion lover as it can be on the strong side for many people. After chopping the onion, place in a sieve and rinse it briefly under cold water.

Set the table, bring the beer!

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